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FI -   French Immersion Teacher

EPA -   Ed.  Program Assistant

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                           STAFF  2014-2015


PHONE:  (902) 864-6846
SAFE ARRIVAL: (902) 864-6846 (Press 4)

FAX: (902) 864-6852

SCHOOL E-MAIL:   ajs@hrsb.ca




Administration Staff    

Ms. L. Long
Principal llong@hrsb.ca
Ms. Pugsley-Connell Vice Principal apugsley@hrsb.ns.ca
Mr. D.O'Leary Guidance Counsellor doleary@hrsb.ca
Mrs. S. McIntyre Administrative Assistant smcintyre@hrsb.ns.ca
Teaching Staff    
Ms. C. DeYoung Grade 6 Music Carolann.DeYoung@hrsb.ca
Mrs. C. Conrad Grade 7/8  ELA, 8 Social Studies CConrad@hrsb.ns.ca
MR. S. Craig 7/8 Math scraig@hrsb.ca
Mr. B. Crewe Grade 8 ELA, 7/8 French BCrewe@hrsb.ca
Mr J. Doucet 7/8 Phys Ed, jdoucet@hrsb.ns.ca
Mr. J.Doucet Grade 6 Phys.Ed jdoucet@hrsb.ns.ca
Mrs. A. Cannon Grade 6-2 Teacher


Mr. J. Sproul 7,8 Tech Ed and   Grade 7 /8 Science Grade 7 Healthy Living jsproul@hrsb.ca
Mr. M. Little Grade 6-4  Teacher Mlittle@hrsb.ca
Mr Little's Website
Ms. R. Williams  Grade 7/8 Family Studies,  Grade 7/8 Art and  Grade 8 Healthy Living   rebecca.williams@hrsb.ca
Mr. B. Card
6/7/8 Band brooks.card@hrsb.ca
Ms. L. Chisholm Grade 6-3 lchisholm@hrsb.ca
Mr. R. Sairi FI FLA 7/8, Immersion Social Studies 7,   FI Grade 7 Healthy Living ASairi@hrsb.ca
Mrs.K.Bergman Grade7-1 ELA/Grade 8 Art kbergman@hrsb.ca
Mrs Bergman's website
Ms. D. Cormier FI Math 7/8, Grade 7/8 FI Science/ Grade 6 Core French
Mrs. M. Byrne Grade 6-1 Teacher mbyrne@hrsb.ca
Mr. J. Senman Learning Centre /Academic Support joshuasenman@hrsb.ca
Mr. J. Doucet/R. Sairi/D. Cormier Grade 6 Core French see above
Mrs.E. Queripel Learning Centre / Academic Support equeripel@hrsb.ca
Ms. S. Guinan-Donaldson Student Support Teacher SGuinan-Donaldson@hrsb.ca
Ms. C. Swinkels SLD Teacher CForan-Swinkels@hrsb.ca
Support Staff    
Ms. W. Fraser Library Specialist WFraser@hrsb.ca
Theresa Meuse Aboriginal Student Support Worker theresa.meuse@hrsb.ca
Mrs. W. Hart EPA  
Mrs. L. Morgan EPA  
Mrs. K.Strudge EPA  
Mrs. P. Williams EPA
Ms.S.Ryan EPA  
Mr. B. Alguire Caretaker WiAlquireSr@hrsb.ca
Ms. T. Isner Custodian TAlbert-Isner@hrsb.ca
Mr. N. Fudge Custodian FudgeN@hrsb.ca